Hand Turned Bowl


Beautiful hand turned unique piece

Wooden Bird Box


A lovely hand made funky Bird Box

Recycled wooden hand turned pot


Silver birch hand turn pot.
Width 14cm
Height 23cm
Weight 1.3kg

Recycled hand turned pot


Hand turned recycled wooden pot, lovely varnished finish.
Width 12.5cm
Height 10cm
Weight 0.6kg

Wooden coat hook


Recycled Cumbrian wood
Have something different in your home to hang your coats on or the dogs leads.
Width 6.5cm
Height 24cm
Weight 0.3kg

Ideal book shelf or platter base


Recycled oak shelf or lovely platter base to place any of our bowls and pots on. Bowls can be made to order to match this base.

30cm in width
77cm in length
Weight 5kg

Hand turned wooden pot with plant


Beautiful hand crafted wooden pot with ornate orange stones and plant. Ideal present. Lovely Cumbrian Silver Birch.
Width 13cm
Height 10.5cm

Beautiful hand turned pot with plant and colourful stones


Hand turned Cumbrian recycled wooden plant holder.
Width 16.5cm
Height 10cm
Weight 1.2kg

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