About Shaping Wooden

We consider ourselves to be a green small business. A unique business based in Cumbria, our inspiration for our wood work comes from our natural environment in the Lake District.

Operating from a small workshop all our products are sourced from local firms and Cumbrian wood. We are passionate about the reuse and recycling of wood and valuing our environment.
Many of our products are hand turned on a lathe and they can be made to order and personalised and commissioned by clients.
So if you are a company, charity or other organisation and you want to recycle your waste wood please get in touch.
From the above sustainable principles Shaping Wooden was born. The wood used is beautifully hand crafted with rich tones and colours capturing the pure essence of the natural environment and the English Lake District.
At Shaping Wooden we believe in quality and uniqueness with every product we produce.